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Wholehearted enthusiasm(Zeal),come with intense team spirit(United),and professional accomplishment(Nurture),which are cohesion deeply rooted in our soul.
Yieiding the best products(Best), in connection with optimizing the production prosess(Optimized),are always our untiring pursuance.
Turn back to nature for environmental conservation(Nature),by means of replacing solid with plate,which reveals our industrial foresight.
ZUNBON combines all of this,steadily bases upon the presrnt,widely prospect to the future.

For business, based on the details and achievements in attitude.
For business, based on the details and achievements in attitude.
Because we believe that only high quality tools to create a better world.

Grasps the shock people the spirit of "quality first, excellence" enterprise invests heavily on production equipment, insist on quality from every parts. Earthquake help now has many domestic and foreign of vertical, horizontal machining center, gantry machining center, laser cutting machine, CNC punch press and CNC lathes and other advanced and efficient processing equipment. Series at the same time, we and the supplier also have established long-term, stable relations of cooperation.
We go together,blending with affection and sincerity.

With the deep core of understanding in the value of human resource,Zunbon placed great importance in staff recruiting and training,in order to provide staff with the stage for career development.Moreover,cohesiveness could exert the synergy effect in a team.ZUNBON committed wholeheartedly to cultivate an atmosphere where there are effective communication and close cooperation. Thereby,under the fierce competition environment,we go together,blending with affection and sincerity.
Professional in every production detail makes perfect.

Successful enterprise is the result of excellence in management. Help with an elite management team, for enterprise's development and management process optimization. Shock for electric power plant in 2009 successfully passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification.

To provide quality and efficient production equipment and production plan is for wood machine has always been the pursuit of. The plant's technical research and development team is committed to the development of new products and existing product improvement, using AutoCad, SolidWorks, Pro/E and other professional development tools, combined with market demand as well as years of experience in mechanical and electronic research and development, to state the accuracy and reliability of the product, high efficiency provide a strong backing.

From production parts to whole machine assembly, the earthquake to help production team with superb production skills, rigorous work attitude, standard process control, and focus on each production details. Similar during all this, makes a number of products, and obtained the CE, CQC certification, product export license, and a number of domestic patent.
Products like works of art,
The market into the inspiration for her,
Designer carve soul for her,
Producer casting for her life.
So she alive.

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