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Dear Customer :
      Thank you very much for your trust and support to our company, warmly welcome you to use to help electric power factory of series of products!
      Many wood manufacturers for large sums of money to introduce high-tech equipment, often faced with high cost, complex procedures, maintenance maintenance during the production time is too long. "Zhen gang" is advantage, product after-sales service company can be customer demand in professional sales engineers, with fast speed and professional norms services, suitable price to meet customer demand for equipment maintenance, make customer equipment investment risk down to zero, to ensure that customers in the earthquake to help purchase the equipment play a long-term, stable performance, for customers to create biggest economic benefits. Hope our high quality service for you to create and extend value!
Commitment to customers :
Telephone buying machinery :You can directly through the telephone form to buy our products, our company can agent consignments, delivery to the factory .
The quality of the product warranty :You can by buying products effective invoice and warranty card to enjoy the machine warranty for half a year, the main parts warranty for one year after-sales service.
Product knowledge:Teaches you product the right operation method and simple maintenance knowledge .
Agent maintenance machinery :If your machine not for products, the company will also provide you with paid inspection and maintenance of mechanical services.
Customer complaint:
If you to our on-site service personnel for maintenance skills, service quality, service attitude and charging problems have any questions or not satisfied with place, welcome to consultation and complaints in maintenance department.

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